Four Reasons to Invest in a Quality Window Screen

One aspect of buying new windows that homeowners often overlook is the importance of a quality window screen. Constructed of thinly gridded wires, these marvelous yet simple contraptions allow us to open our windows for much-needed ventilation without compromising the indoors to pests and debris. By allowing fresh air inside, homeowners can improve airflow to create a peaceful and comfortable interior. Poor-performing window screens are flimsy, block an otherwise clear view, and are often easily damaged and need to be replaced. These are just some of the reasons why investing in quality window screens will complete your home’s window needs.

Keep Insects Out

One of the most obvious benefits of a high-quality window screen is its ability to keep insects and other pests out. Few people appreciate the intrusion of creepy crawlers into their abode, but these nuisances also carry an increased risk of disease, especially when it comes to mosquitoes. Window screens are attributed to helping eliminate Malaria in the U.S. in the early 1950s and today contribute to the prevention of other pest-carried diseases like the West Nile virus.

Torn or otherwise damaged window screens allow more insects into your home and increase the risk of unwelcome ‘guests’ or even an infestation. Choose high-quality screens with frames and mesh made of durable materials such as steel, copper, or fiberglass to reduce the chance of screen failure. SoftLite offers a variety of options, but even our standard screens have aluminum-extruded, locking frames that outperform typical rolled-form aluminum screens. For our Kingsroyal Slide patio doors, we offer TuffScreen®, a durable, vinyl-coated polyester insect screen. Stronger than traditional screening, TuffScreen is designed to resist tears, punctures, and damage from pets, making it perfect for high-traffic entrances in constant use.

Prevent Dirt Splatter on Glass

Another benefit of a good window screen is the added layer of protection your glass gets from dirt, mud, or other debris. Acting as an effective shield against grimy elements, windows without screens will get grungy faster and will obscure your view. Clear sights are always a preferred outcome when it comes to a high-performance window screen, so it’s recommended you clean them at least once a year along with your window panes.

Another helpful tip is to never power wash your window screens while they are on your windows, as this can cause damage to the glass. Instead, it’s best to use a softer method such as vacuuming or using a lint roller. Otherwise, remove the screen prior to cleaning with a hose and soapy water or a vinegar bath.

Deflect Water

Window screens have the added characteristic of deflecting water, which significantly improves the window’s appearance and clarity when wet. Water that seeps into your home can cause damage through mold or mildew, so it’s best to employ whatever method you can to inhibit moisture buildup.

BetterVue compareSoftLite offers BetterVue® window screens by Phifer, which employ specialized Water Shed Technology™ to offer a durable, hydrophobic coating that repels water to maintain a clear view — all while preventing dirt and debris from staying on the screen, keeping it cleaner longer.

Increase Curb Appeal

Broken or torn window screens don’t only lose function, they look unsightly. While window screens are meant to be nearly invisible, when there are rips or damage, their presence is all the more glaring. Having clean, well-maintained windows and window screens boosts your home’s curb appeal and improves its overall appearance. Window screens with nondescript frames are even better, as they hide in the window screen pocket and are out of sight for a truly unobstructed view.


The FlexScreen Advantage

SoftLite offers the option of the innovative FlexScreen, the world’s first flexible window screen, as featured on ABC’s SharkTank. Made of durable, damage-resistant, carbon-enriched spring steel, FlexScreen window screens are coated with a top-grade powder coat that ensures they can withstand the harshest weather conditions and protects them against dents and breaking. Best of all, their thin, sleek frame disappears into the screen pocket of your SoftLite window, ensuring a clear view and eliminating the need to color match with your windows.

These flexible window screens are also remarkably easy to install and require zero unnecessary attachments. Simply, hold the screen in your hands, bend the sides in, and watch as it pops into place with ease. No other window screen on the market offers this feature.

Whether you want to invest in FlexScreen, BetterVue, or another quality screen, SoftLite has what you’re looking for. From protecting your home against unwanted pests, dirt, and debris, to their ability to deflect water and boost your curb appeal, window screens are not something you want to overlook. Get started on your window or window screen replacement by contacting a SoftLite dealer near you.



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