4 Reasons Casement Windows Are Great For Your Home

Casement windows offer access to cool breezes, natural light, heightened security, and energy efficiency. These benefits can help you realize your dream home, and they will also contribute to your mental and financial health. Read on to see why you should consider adding casement windows to your home.

1. Casement Windows Promote Airflow

Is your house feeling stuffy or stagnant even with the windows open, particularly during the summer months? If other buildings box in your home, such as close neighbors or businesses in a downtown area, the design of casement windows will allow breezes to enter from a side angle instead of needing a breeze to come in from a direct angle. Ask your Soft-Lite dealer about how casement sashes can promote side breezes in your home.

2. Casement Windows Let in Natural Light

Some of our dealers have written great blog posts about how to maximize natural light in your home, explaining how picture windows can be a great way to increase your mental health and lower your energy bills. Unfortunately, though, you cannot open a picture window.

If you want the same kind of views and benefits from natural light, casement windows can offer  unobstructed views as well. And they also open to let in calming breezes!

For an appearance similar to a double-hung window or a window with multiple “lites” (the glass areas separated by strips) instead of a picture window, Soft-Lite’s casement windows come in a variety of styles.

Best Casement Windows for Homes Soft-Lite Windows and Doors

3. Casement Windows Offer Maximum Security

Top Secure Windows for Homes Soft-Lite Windows and Doors

While all of Soft-Lite’s windows and doors provide peace of mind and security, you get an even higher level of security with casement windows because of their inherent design.

Casement windows’ design makes it more difficult for unwanted guests to enter your home as they can only be opened by turning the window’s crank. If someone breaks the glass, they can open the crank, but it is much harder to access through broken glass than the double-hung window’s latch. According to The Spruce, some homeowners even remove the casement window’s crank entirely and keep it somewhere nearby in the house for added security.

4. Energy Efficiency

As with all of our windows, Soft-Lite’s casement windows are incredibly energy efficient. Their low-e glass repels condensation, they let less energy from the sun into the home, saving you from high air conditioning bills, and their high-quality insulation keeps warmth inside your home in the winter months, in turn lowering your heating costs.

Read more about Soft-Lite’s energy-efficient windows.

Best Energy Efficient Casement Windows Soft-Lite Windows and Doors

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