Advantages of SoftLite Insulated Windows

SoftLite knows that windows are so much more than a source of natural light and a view to the outdoors. Windows don't just add to your home's curb appeal, they also serve as a vital element of your home's thermal envelope. Properly installed and sealed windows can contribute to significant savings on your monthly statement over time. Considering a typical home loses more than a quarter of its heat through its windows, we understand how crucial it is for these features to be well-insulated.

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Minimize Air Infiltration and Save Energy

SoftLite insulated windows are an ideal way to save money on heating or cooling bills by minimizing the amount of energy-wasting air infiltration. Inferior windows are drafty, allowing air to seep through faulty seals and causing HVAC systems to work overtime. Even the glass panes themselves can contribute to higher energy costs. For peak energy efficiency, panes should be designed specifically to provide the kind of insulation your home requires. 

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) states that generally the best windows are awning and casement styles because they often close tighter than sliding types. However, every window manufactured by SoftLite meets exacting requirements for energy efficiency, while far exceeding industry standards.

Highly Rated and Reputable

SoftLite manufactures a wide variety of ENERGY STAR® labeled insulated windows. These products boast some of the best NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) ratings on the market for U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain — as well as excellent AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) ratings for air infiltration. With a variety of product lines and countless styles available, we have something for everyone's aesthetic taste, preference, and budget.

Premium Reliable Features

When it comes to energy efficiency, it doesn’t get any better than the SoftLite Elements® line, which is designed to achieve the absolute minimum air filtration ratings in the industry. The weather barriers on the Elements line include top-of-the-line components such as:

  • Ultra-Smart® anti-microbial triple-fin weather strip
  • Double- or triple-paned windows with argon or krypton gas fill
  • Comfort Foam™ expanding polyurethane in the sash and frame extrusions
  • Q-Lon® compression head gasket
  • ILTIS™ lock and tilt hardware system
  • K-Beam™ thermal reinforcement with Kevlar®
  • Endura-Force™ balance system for simple lifting and lowering of sashes on double-hungs
  • And much, much more!

Affordable with Top-Notch Capabilities

Available with all of our product lines, value-priced equivalents to these higher-end thermal barriers are also available, because we refuse to sacrifice quality for cost. Each of our products is expertly crafted to prevent money-wasting air flow from forcing its way through your home's windows. 

SoftLite windows are designed for durable, long-lasting beauty and functionality. Not only will you save a significant amount of money on cooling and heating costs; you will never need to purchase windows again. We strive to meet all of your home improvement needs while providing the best customer service around. Contact a SoftLite dealer near you to learn more about our insulated windows, and be sure to inquire about our transferable, limited lifetime warranty.

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