10 Ways a Bow Window from SoftLite Will Improve Your Home

What's a bow window?

Also known as compass windows, SoftLite bow windows are built with the same energy efficiency and aesthetic features as our popular bay window design. However, because it's larger with further potential for customization, the bow concept has added potential to portray a more dramatic look. Projecting beyond the exterior of the home, this style of window is typically installed with the intention of creating more light and space indoors.

interior window seat

SoftLite Advantages

A bow window is generally designed to be the focal point of the room (perhaps even the entire exterior of the home), so our dealers take every detail into account when developing and retrofitting your window. SoftLite’s bow windows in particular offer a variety of additional advantages that are sure to make us your first design choice when considering window renovation.

  1. Exterior architectural enhancement: Ever notice how the prettiest homes have an abundance of pleasing architectural details? With a SoftLite bow window you can improve the appearance of your house's exterior. By breaking up an otherwise flat wall with a unique window design, you can significantly enhance your home's curb appeal.
  2. Interior room expansion: A proper bow window creates an expansive feeling inside the home. The distinctive design makes the interior feel larger while providing a broader view of the outdoors.
  3. Lighting up a room: Your replacement bow window will let considerably more natural light into the room than the original smaller installation. With this added structure, your family can appreciate the bright and refreshing atmosphere your new window produces.
  4. Window lite choices: A “window lite” is the space each glass unit occupies in your bow window. A variety of window lite choices are available for this particular concept. Choose between casement, picture, double-hung windows, or any combination of these to fill the openings. The combination of lite types will determine the overall aesthetics and functionality of your bow window.
  5. Window configuration choices: SoftLite bow windows  come with 4 to 5 lites (the space occupied by each glass panel). The number of lites necessary depends on the window's ultimate width and the overall look you want to achieve. Wide openings usually call for more lites to appropriately accommodate the space.
  6. Interior colors and woodgrain choices: We offer two interior vinyl color choices on all of our bow windows and four interior woodgrains options – Brazilian cherry, cherry, light oak, medium oak on some product lines, 
  7. Exterior color and foil laminate choices: SoftLite offers an array of standard exterior colors and two exterior foil laminates on several product lines to help you perfectly color coordinate your installment with the exterior of your home. If you still can’t find the color you want, some product lines offer an optional unlimited custom color matching system. 
  8. Water leakage protection: SoftLite’s engineers designed an exclusive welded sill pan, installed in the bottom of our bow windows. The unique sill pan concept keeps water from penetrating the interior of the window. With an additional built-in weep system to help guide water away from the window, the possibility of leakage is drastically reduced.
  9. Energy-efficient insulation: Our premium insulated seat board sets SoftLite’s bow windows apart from the rest. The unique 3” layered design features a ¾-inch exterior grade plywood bottom surface, combined with a 1-inch high-density polyisocyanurate foam core (Dow® Tuff R™) and the 1 ¼-inch hardwood plywood interior seat to provide maximum thermal protection, complete with an R-9 performance rating.
  10. No-sag support system: SoftLite bow windows are supported by threaded steel rods and a chain bracing system that mounts right into the frame of your home. While most designs start to warp and droop over time, this system provides sag-free support for years to come. (In homes where there isn’t enough room for the cable, knee brackets must be used.)

bow window exterior

Your home and your family can benefit greatly from a beautiful bow window installment. Need help selecting a style of bow window? SoftLite is eager to help - contact a vinyl window dealer near you.

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