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Window replacements ultimately result in a number of returns for a homeowner, including improved insulation and exterior design. According to ENERGY STAR, one of the largest returns a homeowner can expect to see is improved energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR estimates that 25-30% of residential heating and cooling costs can be attributed to windows, and that replacing them will keep heating and cooling bills low.  Meanwhile, additional window features such as Low-E glass, weatherstripping, impact glass, and frame and sash insulation, can all come with their own unique set of returns as well.


Energy Efficient Glass Lowers Energy Bills

Insulated glass units in windows can be double- or triple-pane and have a large impact on overall window efficiency. Within the glass unit, the panes can range in thickness and level of Low-E coating.  The thicker the glass, the better the R-value (how well a glass package will resist the conductive flow of heat.) The panes are separated by a spacer, filled by argon or krypton gas and sealed to prevent condensation.  All of these features can ultimately result in improved insulation, lower heat transfer, and lower heating and cooling bills.

Weatherstripping Improves Insulation

Weatherstripping is a crucial, yet often overlooked feature of windows. Weatherstripping is the process of sealing off openings around a window. SoftLite windows feature Ultra-Smart triple fin weatherstripping with built-in antimicrobial protection to minimize drafts, dust, and pollen from entering your home.  It also helps fight the growth of mold and bacteria on the material.  The extra inches of weatherstripping added to SoftLite windows contribute to our industry-leading air infiltration ratings as well. 

There are a few different ways to weatherstrip a window, but utilizing a stripping that’s made from advanced materials, and pairing it with lock latches that compress fully, can help create a truly airtight seal for your home. After your windows have been weatherstripped, you can expect to see returns in the form of improved insulation, lower energy bills, and additional protection from the elements. 











Impact Glass Provides Security

Impact glass is glass that has been certified to withstand direct impact.  SoftLite’s Barcelona Impact Windows pass every durability test available, including the Large Missile Impact Level “D” test, which means they can withstand wind gusts of over 212 mph.  This test is a great measuring stick for determining the effectiveness of any given impact glass package. Another aspect to look for when analyzing options is the HVHZ certification, which certifies a window has been approved for high velocity hurricane zones.  SoftLite’s Barcelona impact windows have this certification as well.

Both of these tests confirm impact strength, and provide a sense of security for a homeowner, lowering the likelihood of paying for costly storm-related damages down the line. Furthermore, SoftLite’s impact windows come complete with high-performance, Low-E coating and argon gas between the glass panes, providing returns in the form of improved insulation, low heat transfer, and energy efficiency.

Frame Material Impacts ROI

Many returns on window replacement come in the form of energy savings. The most energy-efficient replacement windows are made from vinyl. With affordable pricing, strong insulation abilities, industry-level durability and design versatility, vinyl represents one of the most solid choices for return on investment. For its insulated frames and sashes, SoftLite uses environmentally-friendly foam that is injected into the frame, allowing it to fill the entire cavity and provide additional returns for a homeowner over time as well.

The 2020 Cost vs Value Report by Remodeling Magazine Publisher, Hanley Wood, and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) aggregates data on the ROI for 22 different remodeling projects every year. Wood and the NAR leverage the expertise of top real estate professionals and the most authoritative market data analysis software and construction cost estimation softwares on the market. Their data reported that homeowners can expect vinyl windows to provide a national return of over 72% of the initial cost at the point of resale alone. 












Product Spotlight: FlexScreen

Many SoftLite products feature a special, flexible screen that is strong, easy to clean and provides increased visibility. SoftLite is partnered with FlexScreen, whose products feature a cutting edge, PVC-coated, high performance spring steel frame. The screen is hidden in the window screen pocket, rendering it essentially invisible and eliminating the need for color matching. The sides flex in, making them easy to install, remove and replace, while also allowing a homeowner to fit it into the screen track easily.

Sometimes the most efficient way to cool your home is to let that fresh spring breeze in. With a screen that is easy to maintain, effective and nearly invisible, you can more confidently open your windows and enjoy a beautiful cross breeze while leaving the AC off just a little longer.

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s. For over 80 years, homeowners have relied on SoftLite’s ability to manufacture the most reliable, durable, energy efficient and high-performing windows on the market. Our windows utilize Low-E glass, ensure industry leading insulation, and come in a multitude of styles. If you would like to learn more about the returns and benefits of installing our stylish, aesthetic, and efficient windows, contact a dealer near you.

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