Hurricane Windows Provide Cost Savings and Protection

Hurricane season has officially arrived, and if you live in a high-risk hurricane zone, now is a great time to consider upgrading your windows to protect your family and your home. Ultimately, installing new Hurricane Windows provides increased protection against the high levels of wind, sheets of rain, and possible flying debris that a hurricane can bring.  Not only that, but they can even contribute to lower energy bills and home insurance premiums along the way.



What Are Hurricane Windows?

In the event of a severe storm, windows are something that a homeowner never wants to break; when one shatters, the glass can spray inward from the point of impact, sending glass flying into your home. Hurricane windows and Impact windows are windows designed to withstand force, making them far less likely to shatter. Furthermore, Impact Windows prevent outside elements entering your home, so when a window breaks during a hurricane, not only will glass scatter inwards, but the wind, rain, and flying debris can follow suit. This leaves your clothes, electronics, wood, jewelry, bedding, and glass objects exposed to the elements, potentially leading to widespread, structural damage within the home.

While there are different types of impact windows, the main variations come in the forms of style, size, and degree of protection. At their core, Impact Windows combine a heavy-duty frame with impact-resistant laminated glass and silicone glazing. There are a number of standard tests that are used to determine the level of effectiveness and protection. For example, SoftLite’s Barcelona impact windows passed every durability test, including the Large Missile Impact Level “D” test, which requires a window to withstand sustained winds of 140 mph, and gusts of up to 212 mph. Another indicator of window strength is the HVHZ certification, which stands for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. HVHZ window tests typically involve both large and small missile testing and tell you how effective your windows are at withstanding impact from flying objects.


How Much Do Impact Windows Cost?

Like just about every home improvement project, the first two questions on the mind of a homeowner looking to install Impact Windows are most likely:

  1. How much do Impact Windows cost?
  2. How long will it take to replace my windows?

Answering the question of how much new Impact Windows will cost can be multi-faceted, as the cost often depends on the frame type (single-hung, double-hung, etc.), material used, installation crew rates, thickness of the glass, and overall size of the window. The window frame material will also likely be a factor as well. Like most windows, Impact Window frames come in materials such as vinyl, steel, and wood. Despite all of these factors, a relatively consistent average cost for new Hurricane Windows can typically sit between $40-$60 per square foot of glass.

As far as the installation timeline for new Hurricane Windows, it will typically depend on the chosen installation crew. A more experienced and trained window installer, like what you would find in SoftLite’s dealer network, can have old windows swapped out and new Hurricane Windows installed securely in about 1 hour each. An average home has about 14 windows which will only take an installation team a little over a day, providing an ideal turnaround time for a homeowner. However, turnaround time isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a dealer to sell and install your new windows. It’s important that a homeowner utilizes an experienced dealer and installation crew that will provide a tight, secure seal, as poorly installed windows can result in failure to protect a home during a hurricane- letting water, wind and outside debris into the home. Not only can this damage belongings, but it can even result in a potentially hazardous situation for the homeowners.

Installing Impact Windows

The process of purchasing and installing new Impact Windows is a straight-forward process. If you think Impact Windows may be the route to go for protecting your home during this hurricane season, let’s take a look at the overall window installation process:

  1. A dealer makes an assessment of your existing windows, taking precise, detailed notes and measurements.
  2. After completing this detailed examination, a dealer will then provide the homeowner with product options and variations available to them, making sure to take into account their feedback and design preferences.
  3. After reviewing the available Hurricane Window options to the homeowner, the homeowner is then provided with a quote for the total project costs.
  4. Once purchased, installation is scheduled, and the installation team then comes and installs the new windows. As previously mentioned, this installation timeline will only take about 1-2 days.

Not only does hiring a professional and experienced installation team make this process painless for a homeowner, but it ensures that it is done correctly the first time, potentially saving you money down the line. 


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Benefits of New Impact Windows

The first positive factor of installing new Impact Windows is the ROI a homeowner can recoup as a result of lower energy bills. The multi-panel glass construction of an impact window ultimately reduces the amount of solar heat that can enter your home, which can ultimately translate into reduced energy bills and less reliance on air conditioning. While not only helping to substantially lower the costs of a cooling bill, Impact Windows can also result in another financial win for a homeowner in the form of reduced home insurance premium rates. Home insurance companies determine what rate to charge a homeowner based on potential liability and the likelihood of damages. A home that installs high-grade impact windows lowers the risk of property damages, which in turn can reduce the cost of the insurance policy. 

Another benefit of impact windows is increased home security. Impact windows are heavier, more secure, and far more difficult to break, reducing the likelihood of burglary, while simultaneously adding to the value of your home from a resale perspective. Potential buyers respond positively to new, sturdy windows, and the concept of increased home security. Another positive is that Impact Windows are proven to substantially reduce noise pollution, providing a more quiet, peaceful home.


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The benefits of installing impact windows are shown through insurance deductibles, energy cost savings, resale value, security, and incalculable peace of mind. SoftLite knows that; which is why we offer a wide variety of windows that exceed industry standards. Since 1934, homeowners have relied on SoftLite’s ability to manufacture the most reliable, durable, and high-performing windows in the industry. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of installing our windows, contact a dealer near you.

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