Six Tips for Choosing Patio Door

A quality patio door can make all the difference in the design of your home and will provide multiple benefits to the function and feel of your space. When replacing your patio door, there are various aspects to consider to ensure you're making the right choice.

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1) Decide on the Room

The first step when selecting a patio door is choosing which room it will be located. This can make a difference in what style to use. Americans spend, on average, 90 percent of their time indoors. Patio doors provide expansive, clear views and create a greater connection to nature. With increased natural light, they brighten up any space to create a comfortable, inviting home.

The best placement of a patio door is in a room facing the backyard, porch, or balcony, although a patio door can provide benefits to almost every space. The kitchen is a common choice because it is typically a high-traffic area and often the warmest room in the home from the frequent usage of ovens or stovetops. By adding a patio door to the kitchen, you can give the perception of additional space and the added value of more ventilation when cooking. Also great for living rooms, a quality patio door can extend your living space to create a true indoor-outdoor environment, especially when thoughtfully combined with cozy outdoor furnishings that take your outdoor living up a notch.

2) Determine the Size

When buying a replacement patio door, considering the size you need is paramount. You might think you’re limited by the dimensions of your old door, but the truth is, you have the opportunity to expand to whatever size you want. Some homeowners will opt for patio doors that extend the length of their wall, creating a large entrance and visually expanding the living space.

Swinging and French doors need ample room to open, so first, you should consider factors such as furniture and wall placement before determining the opening method that works best for the layout. If space is tight or you want more flexibility, keep in mind that to maximize your space and allow for greater movement, sliding patio doors are more efficient than the typical swing-in/swing-out options.

3) Investigate Glass Options

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements of selecting a patio door is choosing one with high-performing energy-efficient qualities. Low-E glass helps lower energy bills and protects interior furnishings and artwork from sun damage through UV-blocking technology that doesn’t inhibit visible light transmission. Additionally, do your research and find a window with a reputation for a quality seal that keeps out drafts. Buying a patio door that is ENERGY STAR®-certified means you’ll have the potential to save a substantial amount of money on heating and cooling costs.

SoftLite’s ENERGY STAR-certified sliding patio doors are available with outstanding energy-saving features that significantly reduce air and heat transfer, including:
● Double- and triple-pane insulated glass (triple pane only available with Kingsroyal Glide).
● High-performance Low-E coating.
● Stainless steel spacer designed for condensation resistance and seal integrity.
● Ultra-Smart weatherstripping.
● R-5 ComfortFoam insulation in the frames, rails, and stiles (only available with Kingsroyal Glide).


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4) Find a Design That Appeals to You

Buying a patio door that is efficient does add value, but you also want to select one that has the aesthetic appeal you want. Customization is king when it comes to designing your dream home, which is why you should look for products that offer flexibility in configurations, including color selection, hardware, grid patterns, and more.

SoftLite’s Kingsroyal Glide Sliding Patio door is one of the best sliding patio doors on the market and has decorative options, such as sidelites and transoms, either flanking your door with stylish windows or placed directly above. In addition, Kingsroyal comes with an unlimited color selection, including interior woodgrain finishes, designer handles, a variety of grid patterns, and even internal miniblinds for a truly unique look that fits your taste. For added interior comfort and convenience, Kingsroyal Glide sliding doors utilize TuffScreen mesh durable screens and triple-fin, antimicrobial weatherstripping, ComfortFoam™ insulation, and DuraRoller™ sliding technology that will keep the door operating smoothly.

Another sliding patio door from SoftLite is our Panorama Sliding Patio Door, which offers stunning views through durable, impact-rated glass. Rigorously tested, the solar Low-E laminated glass ensures peak protection against storm debris and is perfect for homeowners in coastal or high-wind regions, offering a design pressure rating of 50. This door is crafted from stylish virgin vinyl for year-round maintenance-free protection. The Panorama offers an array of safety and design features, including mortise-locking systems, venting options, a BetterVue Screen, and attractive hardware choices.

5) Understand Care and Maintenance

An important aspect to keep in mind when shopping for a patio door is the care and maintenance required to ensure it lasts for many years to come. Frame material is one of the biggest contributing factors to the durability and longevity of your patio door. Wood, for example, typically requires regular sanding and repainting to maintain its original look and quality. In addition, wood is more susceptible to degradation caused by the elements and is more vulnerable to warping and rot due to water damage. Vinyl, on the other hand, is one of the most popular choices because it is low maintenance and can withstand much harsher conditions. Aluminum is also a durable option but doesn’t offer as much energy efficiency as vinyl.

6) Consider Manufacturer Warranty

Lastly, one element of the patio door buying process that you should not forget is the product’s warranty. Reputable manufacturers that produce high-quality products will ensure they are backed by sufficient guarantees that you are getting your money’s worth. SoftLite patio doors, just as our windows, are backed with an industry-leading lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind that you are making the right choice.

SoftLite patio doors sport a sleek design that opens up any space while offering enhanced durability, longevity, energy efficiency, and beauty. Watch our patio door vlog for more information about SoftLite sliding patio doors. From deciding on the room that best suits a patio door to the satisfaction that comes with our extensive warranty, contacting a SoftLite dealer near you will get you started in making this crucial decision.

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