The Perks of SoftLite Replacement Vinyl Windows


When deciding your next home improvement project, many homeowners overlook one feature that can make all the difference to a home: windows. People tend to not think about their windows unless there is an apparent issue, but waiting too long can result in a much more costly and invasive process. Whether or not the homeowner believes the project of replacing windows is time-consuming, expensive, or simply unnecessary, choosing replacement windows can result in an easy, beneficial upgrade.

Upgrading your windows will not only brighten your space by visually framing a picture-perfect view, but also provides thermal efficiency. Plus, on average, homeowners recoup 68 percent of the cost of replacement windows when they sell their home, according to the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine and Zonda Media.

SoftLite windows offer the best of the best when it comes to premium vinyl replacement windows for a quality, manageable home improvement project. Our team could go on and on about the reasons why homeowners choose SoftLite, but that would take too long! Instead, we’ll share the top benefits of SoftLite replacement windows.


Quality is SoftLite’s Specialty

As one of the top manufacturers of premium vinyl replacement windows, SoftLite prides itself on providing homeowners and installers with quality, easy-to-use windows. In fact, that’s our specialty! Replacement windows are installed inside the home without removing any exterior materials or damaging the wall, window trim, or siding for a quicker, less-invasive installation. Essentially, the only part of the home that the installer will touch is the window itself. Along with a simple install, all SoftLite windows provide energy savings, safety, security, and show-stopping beauty, making them a perfect fit for any homeowner looking to spruce things up.

Stylish Designs and Finishes

If your current windows are outdated or do not reflect the aesthetic you’ve created, then style can be a big reason you choose to replace your windows. We offer a wide selection of replacement window styles, including custom shapes, wood laminate, or vinyl colors to accommodate your aesthetic, project, and lifestyle. Windows serve as the architectural focal point that contributes to the overall style of your home. So, whether you prefer bay windows, double-hungs, or a custom shape, we can construct the window of your dreams.

ENERGY STAR® Efficiency

Windows aren’t just about looks. With all parts of your home, you want to make sure you select products that provide more benefits than just beauty. Many SoftLite solutions come standard with double-pane, high-performance Low-E, argon-filled insulated glass. Best of all, most of our product lines are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they have been precision-engineered and manufactured to minimize energy-wasting air infiltration. In short, when you purchase SoftLite windows for your home, you’ll enjoy reduced heating and cooling costs. By meeting these national standards, our team can ensure the windows provide a lifetime of reliable, energy-saving quality.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of our SoftLite replacement windows, it’s time to get started on your home upgrade. Contact one of our experienced dealers for your next project.


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