How Black Windows Offer a Modern and Versatile Upgrade

Carpeted bathrooms, orange shag carpeting, avocado green appliances, and wallpaper borders — some trends are merely fads, but others have lasting endurance. With classic roots seen as far back as the factories and warehouses of the 19th century, black window frames have been here for a while, and they’re here to stay. Anyone scrolling through Pinterest for home design inspiration or flipping through an interior decorating magazine or catalog will likely come across the trend. Timeless yet modern, the versatility of black provides an enduring element that can go with virtually any aesthetic if you know how to incorporate it into your home.



SoftLite offers black with our Sure-Coat® Exterior PVC Bond Colors, which is available in the Imperial Elite, Classic Plus, Pro Series, and Elements window styles in addition to Kingsroyal Glide sliding patio doors. With demand for black window styles having recently increased for both exterior and interior applications, we decided it was time to launch a black laminate interior/exterior color combination as well. Black laminate provides increased color longevity and is now offered in our Elements and Imperial Elite window lines, as well as select Kingsroyal Glide sliding patio door configurations. The addition of this elegant and sophisticated option provides design flexibility with a contemporary update that further elevates SoftLite’s current finish options.

The Benefits of Black Window Frames

Not only do black window frames provide an exciting alternative to the traditional white, they are also gaining in popularity by designers and builders for their bold yet neutral appeal. Some other benefits include:

  • Dramatic flair - When combined with white and other light colors, black provides that visual pop that can’t be ignored. Dramatic and prominent, it offers that extra touch many homes need.
  • No need for window treatments - black windows truly stand out and take center stage. Homeowners and designers are taking advantage of this fact by leaving them uncovered and ditching blinds and curtains that only add clutter and block the view.
  • Curb appeal boost - whether you’re trying to make the neighbors jealous or are looking to sell in the future, upgrading your home to the trending dark exterior accents that black windows provide will improve first impressions.
  • Increase home resale value - Enhancing your home with quality, attractive windows contributes to a higher return on investment. According to the 2021 Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling magazine, vinyl window replacements are estimated to offer an average return of 68.6 percent at resale.

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Decorating the Interior Around Black Window Frames

The dark window trend may seem daunting at first to those who aren’t always comfortable with modern designs, but the good news is they aren’t just for the uber-trendy folks. They work impeccably well with all styles of homes, from farmhouse to contemporary. Additionally, this impressive style does not clash with other design aesthetics. The best part is, you don’t need to completely alter your interior space to accommodate black frames. A little goes a long way. If you really want to lean into this trend, here are some chic ways to incorporate black throughout the interior of the home:

  • Though black truly does go with everything, it’s important to include black in other features of the space to prevent them from looking out of place. Choose black lighting fixtures, throw pillows, furniture, art frames, or other key design elements.
  • Consider the other colors and elements in your space that will mesh best with the aesthetic you’re going for without overwhelming the room. Keep black as part of the scheme, but don’t go overboard.
  • Ditch the basic white wooden blinds that increase clutter and obscure your windows and opt for uncovered windows. If window treatments are necessary, you can add thoughtfully chosen drapes or use Roman shades for a more subdued yet elegant look.
  • White interior elements provide a stark contrast for an eye-catching effect. Don’t shy away from the classic and timeless white walls. With black windows to provide a clean, modern look, they elevate any space from boring to distinctive.

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Custom Shapes for Endless Possibilities

Incorporating black replacement windows into the design of your home also means greater flexibility when you utilize custom-shaped specialty windows. Geometric shapes in almost limitless possibilities, these unique design features are a great way to make any home a showpiece for artistic expression. Combined with our award-winning energy efficiency, SoftLite custom-shaped windows provide durability along with endless design opportunities, including full circle, pentagon, hexagon, triangle, octagon, rectangle, and virtually any other shape you can imagine.

Thanks to our dry-air bending system, geometric windows can be engineered into nearly any architectural design that looks great both from inside and out. The beveled exterior frame and structural sill combine to generate a stylish look, while the premium vinyl and energy-efficient glass packages provide lasting performance and increased thermal effectiveness.

With so many options and reasons to try this timeless style, there’s nothing holding you back. Unlike other trends, black window frames are not a mere fad. To get started on your modern and versatile upgrade, contact a SoftLite dealer near you.

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