Seven Home Remodeling Trends in 2021

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people are now working from home. Families are being confined to their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms more than ever before. The result? Homeowners are noticing shortcomings around the home, and home remodeling has reemerged as the unanimous topic of interest.

Are you considering a change of scenery? Check out these top seven home remodeling design trends for 2021!

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1. Home Office

If we've learned anything from 2020, it's that having a secluded, private area within your home is a luxury ― and having a quiet space to complete work is essential. Look for this trend to grow as work-from-home orders continue to mount. The problem? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a designated room in their house for an office.

The solution? A little creativity. Simply moving some furniture around and clearing off a table can turn virtually any area of your home into a workstation. With some out-of-the-box thinking and a little home remodeling, you can turn a kitchen area, enclosed porch, or even a closet into an office space. Complement the transformation by installing a SoftLite sliding window will allow a nice breeze or limit distracting exterior noise pollution.

2. Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Just because you're working from home doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the outdoors or even spend a little time with the family away from the TV room. Before the weather turned too cold, families across the nation had begun creating spaces that allowed them to work from the backyard or deck. This solution allowed parents to work in a new location while also keeping an eye on the kids. As we move through winter and return to warmer months, expect to see even more outdoor living spaces pop up in the new year. Enhancing an exterior space with a KingsRoyal Sliding door complete with Ultra-Smart weatherstripping and beautiful glass panes can help mend the gap between inside and outside If you're considering upgrading the outside of your home, here are a few more must-know exterior design trends for 2021.

3. Natural Tones and Metal-Looking Materials

One of the hottest design trends making its debut in 2021 is natural, earthy tones mixed with metal materials. Since people are spending less time outdoors, homeowners are looking to fill their interior spaces with a sense of calm while  bringing the outdoors to them.

According to Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report, warmer colors like Desert Mist and more playful, earthy tones like Green Ash and Marigold are becoming extremely popular. These colors, paired with a few metal touches, provide just the right amount of peace and tranquility. However, snowy winters and rainy springs don’t exactly mix well with metal. Luckily, installing vinyl products can be more cost effective for a homeowner while still providing the same look – with the rust. SoftLite offers a many standard and custom colors options, including interior woodgrain finishes

4. Large Windows

Large, light-admitting windows throughout a home are another interior trend that we're sure to see in 2021. Windows come in various styles, so be sure to choose a style that suits your home's specific architecture. Upgrading to a new window design is an easy way to bring in some more natural light and even provide a feeling of maximized interior space. Picture windows, casements, and sliders are all know for their unobstructed views and with a fusion-welded, uPVC frames, the material won’t rot like wood windows or corrode like metal ones. Better yet, it requires little to no maintenance. Meanwhile, high-performance glass packages can help ensure optimal energy efficiency and maximum light admittance.

You'll want to contact a dealer near you to ensure you select the right window design for your home. However, once installed, you can be certain that the improved interior design will be noticeable. 

5. Minimalism

Minimalism has been a growing trend amongst homeowners for a few years now, and it continues to increase in popularity. Minimalism allows the right designer to easily transform a space. This movement involves removing clutter and unnecessary items from an interior flow such as of furniture, appliances, tables, or any items that just sit around collecting dust.

Minimalism also encourages a homeowner to embrace white space and keep as many items as possible out of sight. Think you're ready to adopt this trend? A good start is to try and keep your living space clutter-free, which is good advice for the New Year. Meanwhile, installing simple, customizable double-hung windows can help accentuate the space and complement a minimalistic, simple aesthetic.

6. Statement Pieces

Every home needs a good statement piece. Whether it’s vintage or contemporary, a statement piece should bring that "wow factor" to a room. Statement pieces serve as a staple for modern interior design and help your home stand apart from others on the block.

When considering a statement piece for a room, make sure to orient the surrounding design to accentuate this new focal point. For example, installing a wall art with bold, bright colors and positioning it next to a picture window or even a luxurious bow window can add just the right amount of contrast to a room with good exterior light and neutral tones.

7. Functional Design

With more people spending weekends in, interior design isn’t the only thing people are becoming more  aware of. Features like kitchen island storage, more pantry shelves, window packages aimed at reducing energy bills, slider doors that maximize interior floor plan, or double-hung windows with tilt latches for easy cleaning are just some of those functional touches we will see in 2021.


Put 2020 in the Past

This year’s design trends are all about making the most of new lifestyles. SoftLite Windows and Doors stands ready with quality, energy efficient products, all backed by our comprehensive lifetime warranty. Our windows and doors come complete with earned ENERGY STAR® certification, Gold Label Certifications from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), and strong National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ratings. For more information on the newest products or to find out what new windows and doors can do for your home, find a SoftLite dealer in your area today.

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