When Should I Replace My Windows?

Window replacement is a big project, especially if your home was built decades ago and still has its original windows. Believe it or not, age alone is reason enough to purchase replacement windows, simply because older windows are more likely to malfunction. Eventually, an outdated window will no longer be suited to provide the security, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appearance you get from SoftLite vinyl windows. Additionally, our windows come with a leading lifetime warranty, so you have additional peace of mind.

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Considering Window Replacement

There's an abundance of misinformation out there in terms of window replacement, so even an experienced homeowner may have trouble evaluating their home's need for a refresh. The decision is then whether to replace all of your home’s windows or just a few, further complicating the endeavor. The ultimate solution is frequently based on budget concerns, a factor that SoftLite enthusiastically addresses. By offering seven distinct product lines at varying costs, we make purchasing windows affordable for any household.

How do I Know if I Need New Windows?

Apart from the expenditure, the following determining factors also have the potential to sway a customer toward considering new windows:

  • Persistent drafts
  • Difficulty shutting, opening, operating, or cleaning windows
  • Condensation and moisture consistently found on the inside of double- or triple-paned windows
  • An HVAC system that seems to run constantly
  • Higher than usual heating and cooling costs

This last consideration − elevated utility bills − is one practical way to justify the initial cost of window replacement. The long-term savings from a lower monthly bill most likely outweigh the upfront price for replacing your windows. This is especially true when you purchase SoftLite replacement windows, because they're the last windows you'll ever have to buy. Precision-engineered for long-lasting durability, you'll find that choosing SoftLite may have been the easiest home improvement decision you've had to make.

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Choosing the Right Windows

Whether you wish to replace a few or all of your windows, there are multiple elements of your window system that you need to consider:

  • Material - wood, fiberglass, or vinyl
  • Style - ex: double-hung, sliding, casement, picture
  • Glass Package - ex: low emissivity coating, laminated, double-pane

SoftLite's effortless personalization process allows our team to seamlessly match the exterior of your house as well as your individual preferences.

Benefits of Replacement

Perhaps you're looking to sell your home in the near future. If your windows suffer from any of the above ailments, you may be missing out on a higher listing price. On average, homeowners can obtain more than 68.6% return on investment when replacing 10 or more of a home's windows. With the potential to improve both appearance and efficiency, window replacement is a necessary home improvement task for a house on the market.

If you're still on the fence about investing in new windows, refer to our blog post regarding additional benefits to replacing your home's windows.

To learn more about SoftLite windows or for answers regarding your home's need for window replacement, contact a SoftLite dealer near you. Be sure to ask about our transferable limited lifetime warranty.

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