Why Should I Choose a Slider Window Over Other Windows?

With SoftLite's abundance of style choices, deciding on the right windows for your home can prove to be quite a challenge for many homeowners. Thankfully, our dealers have years of experience developing custom concepts, artfully designed with your needs in mind. All designs vary by individual client preferences, as well as local inspection standards and building codes. Understanding the benefits that accompany each window type will ultimately help you determine which style is right for your home. Whether you choose a slider window, a double-hung window, or some other option, two crucial design features will likely influence your conclusion: aesthetics and ease of use.

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About Slider Windows

Typically showcasing a more modern look, slider windows are essentially double-hung windows rotated 90 degrees. Because of this, homes with low ceilings can usually benefit from a slider window concept, especially if there's plenty of horizontal space available along the wall.

Slider Windows: Aesthetics

If you simply prefer a more modernized appearance for your home, sliders are an excellent option, since they have a more contemporary look than the traditional double- hung design. Additionally, they can be just as energy-efficient, durable, and easy to clean as your typical double-hung window.

Slider Windows: Ease of Use

In certain cases, it’s easier to open and close a slider window than a conventional double-hung. For instance, windows that are behind a kitchen or bathroom counter can be particularly difficult to reach. Since double-hung windows require the operator to push the frame upwards, this configuration can lead to added difficulty opening. For this common situation, a slider is more convenient than a double-hung. 

A slider window can also be more accessible for people who have mobility problems, particularly with their arms. For example, someone who has trouble lifting their hands above their shoulders, amputees, or those in wheelchairs often choose slider windows over double-hungs to install in their homes. Because the sashes in sliders open sideways instead of against gravity, they don't require nearly as much pressure to operate. This design makes slider windows significantly easier to utilize for those with physical disabilities.

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