Why Energy Star Labels and NFRC Ratings Sell Windows

Whether homeowners want to save money, protect the environment, or increase the home’s value, searching for energy-efficient home improvements is becoming a trend today among homeowners. Window replacements represent a crucial home improvement, and energy-efficient replacement windows have gained a considerable amount of popularity. Considering this, our energy-saving windows will appeal to a significant number of customers looking to upgrade their windows.

At SoftLite, we train and motivate our dealers' sales teams to increase their success in the selling process. Additionally, we provide them with SoftLite marketing materials and presentations to further assist in making sales. And while this help from SoftLite will increase sales through our training processes, the features of our high-quality windows alone will streamline the sales process.

Here’s why:

Consumers are more energy-conscious than ever before

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As environmentally-aware homeowners search for energy-efficient products, the ENERGY STAR label is guaranteed to catch their eyes. They may even be somewhat familiar with ENERGY STAR. At SoftLite Windows, we are proud to provide ENERGY STAR-labeled energy-efficient windows. Thanks to the precisely-engineered, highly-insulated windows that considerably reduce energy consumption in the household, most of our product lines are recognized as ENERGY STAR “Most Efficient Products.”

Consumers do their research and may be familiar with the NFRC and ENERGY STAR

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In addition to our partnership with ENERGY STAR, we also partner with and have received exceptional ratings from the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC), an independent non-profit organization that establishes objective window, door, and skylight energy performance ratings to help consumers compare products and make informed purchase decisions. The NFRC has given SoftLite’s double-pane windows a U-factor rating as low as 0.17, an SHGC rating as low as 0.20, and an R-Value as high as 6.66. And our triple-pane window scores are even better.  For more details on what these ratings mean, visit the NFRC website.

While customers may not initially be as familiar with The NFRC and the importance of their ratings and labels, they will most likely discover the NFRC in their research on replacement windows. So if a customer is looking for the best energy-efficient window out there, you can boast about our great NFRC ratings.

Another thing that’s sure to capture a customer’s attention is how customizable SoftLite windows are. Many window manufacturers provide customers with only a few window styles, but we offer a wide array of options and features from which customers can choose. 

At SoftLite, we don’t just offer the most effective, customizable energy-efficient windows in the industry. We provide our dealers with the tools to sell them.

If you’re interested in becoming a SoftLite dealer, click here for more information.

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